holiday break

we just recently returned from a holiday trip to koh kood (in thailand), mumbai and pune, (india). i feel really blessed and grateful to be able to travel to far-flung destinations such as these, and also to be able to meet up with family at least every year or two. I know of so many fellow immigrants who haven’t seen their immediate families in years; so with that, i’m very lucky and very fortunate.

flying over the holidays … not sure whether i would recommend it! we experienced weather delays both on the way out and back, and trying to decide between the (minimum) options offered by the airlines was a headache – “if we take this alternate flight, we won’t arrive until the following morning; how about the hotel we booked for tonight??” “should we wait for this delayed flight anyway and see if we can make our connecting flight?” arrgh! truthfully, i was happily enjoying my eggs and chorizo torta from Tortas Frontera at o’hare X-D


in any case it didn’t take long for us to forget all our woes when we (finally) arrived to sun, sand and blue waters. we definitely made a good choice by choosing relaxation first before hustling in mumbai. this was a trip that awakened the senses, in both quiet and loud ways.

more on these places in the next posts.


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