koh kood | thailand

i am reminded of louis ck’s bit where he talked about the wonders of flying – it is such a revolutionary invention! how could anyone not be in awe knowing that when they step onto a plane, in less than an hour (for some flights), they will step out in a different city, in a different state! and how about being able to fly to different countries??! THAT is pretty awesome!

(Note: the plane photo above is over tokyo – can you see mt fuji in the distance – towards the right of the frame.)

so i am grateful. grateful for the opportunity to simply get to travel. grateful to be immersed in a different culture, and taste different flavors, meet the people who live and travel there …

ok enough of the sappiness!

once we arrived koh kood, an island close to the cambodian border, i felt restless. i needed something to do right away. i needed to know what the plan was for the rest of the day, and the days after. the idea of “no plans” seemed oddly suspicious – as if i was being left out of some grand master plan!

stillness is not an easy thing to attain. my brain, especially, wandered in and out of thoughts instead of just being in the moment. there were books and magazines laying around, and i would pick up one, only to put it down a few minutes later because i wanted to look at the other one. restless.

it took almost to the end of our few days there until i was close to living in the moment. i let the rustling of the trees in the breeze become my soundtrack as i laid under the sun. i felt the cool water on my feet as the waves of the ocean crept up the sand, and buried them under. i smelled the salty air. i savored the taste of every ingredient in that “black allure smoothie” (black sesame, banana, yogurt, honey, coconut water & flesh).

when i allowed myself to BE there, all my senses were heightened. i truly felt alive.

every morning , i struggled with the “no plans” idea. but it was such a great feeling to not think of time in the sense of trying to be on time for something, or trying not to be late (except for the massage sessions i booked, i did NOT want to be late for those!). at any point in the day, we went to the beach, or stayed in the villa and cooled off in the pool; we played a game of knock knock and munched on chiwda and jagabees; we napped; lived in swimsuits and sunglasses; ate lots of chocolate, macarons and ice cream; we hung out together and wandered off on our own; no TV … could we take this routine back home with us?

let’s see how we fare this long weekend. hope you enjoy yours and find the time to unplug!


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