Vietnamese Coffee

i’m not sure when i had my first taste of vietnamese coffee, but after trying it while on a trip to ho chi minh city with my mom, i was hooked! not hooked to the point of drinking this every day (it is mighty strong coffee!), but this is good substitution for when i want something hot (and sweet) to drink.

we picked up some metal drip filters and vietnamese dark roast coffee from ben thanh market and tried to replicate the drink when we got back home. it bombed. it came out watery. and ground coffee was swimming around in the cups. mom and i were embarrassed because we had been bragging about this new drink and how we can make it at home, and … nothing. so the metal drip filters stayed in the cupboard for a while.

until cheeks and i went to Pho Lang Thang, the hip new vietnamese restaurant in findlay market! more on them on a separate post, but their coffee brought back memories of that restaurant in ho chi minh city and we just had to ask how PLT made it.

cheeks and i still messed up when we tried this at home: we now believe you only need 2 TEAspoons of the vietnamese ground coffee, as opposed to the 2 tablespoons we heaped into the filters. needless to say it was a sleepless night for both. BUT the flavors were there! success! close to anyway.

the coffee is very easy to make! and i imagine you can use any type of dark roast ground coffee. just make sure you have condensed milk on hand.

here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prepare ca phe sua da.

and here’s a little fun, animated gif for your viewing pleasure:



one of my favorite parts (and there were many – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) of our trip to chicago was our 15 minutes spent in reflection over a cup of brew at intelligentsia. there are coffee geeks and then there is intelligentsia. they take it to the next level. even at one of their busiest locations just off michigan ave. near the millenium park they manage to preserve the sanctity of their brewing processes. they pay as much attention to pulling an espresso as they do to brewing the perfect drip.

chubs and i had a great time just sitting by their amazing coffee bar watching the baristas bustling around making coffee after coffee. each one brewed to perfection. at one point we were quite stunned to see what seemed to be a perfectly good cappuccino dumped out because the barista didnt deem it good enough.

Skirtz & Johnston

you can never go to Findlay Market without discovering something new. it’s true! our last visit during Mother’s Day weekend, was no exception.

skirtz & johnston storefront

Skirtz & Johnston Fine Pastries and Chocolates opened that weekend, and we happened upon their shiny, new shop while showing a couple of friends around. loaves of bread by the window caught our eye, as well as the plate of cookies and muffins on the counter. some bread samples invited visitors to taste what they had to offer. i got to try their mediterranean bread, but we bought a loaf of french white bread instead for later (which was yum by the way – toasted with a bit of butter).

cheeks craved for a cup of coffee, and we were told that they serve a specialty coffee designed by Coffee Emporium that pairs well with their pastries! cool! cheeks bought a cup and raved about it! before he knew it, he was given a small bag to take home. very sweet of them!

what to choose?sweets galore

really cool communal table

ofcourse we had to try a couple of pastries: a bearclaw and a raspberry danish. they were both very soft with just the right amount of filling. we all tore our share off of each one until all that was left were crumbs of flaky pastry mmm. we were too full from lunch to try anything more, but made a mental note to return on our next visit to the Market.

and we got some good news: Skirtz & Johnston is now serving lunch!

go check them out!

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