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Second Sunday on Main

after all the rain, then all the heat and humidity, we got a break and had a really good sunday. temps in the 70s and low humidity urged us to get out of the house and join the festivities at second sunday on main (on june 12th).

there were vendors that lined both sides of the block, but storefronts were open as well. artists and crafters sold pottery, photography and upcycled products. a couple of organizations set up tables and offered free iced tea lemonade in exchange for donation. foodwise, there weren’t as many options as we had thought: a grill cooking up hot dogs and pizza, iris book cafe was open for business, and at the end of the block was fireside pizza. nonetheless, it worked out for us because we were headed to neon’s for something fun after (more on that on the next post).

(above L and R: pizza on the go with fireside pizza)

(above L: half redleg and half white pizza from fireside pizza); above R: chalking it up on main street)

(above: our new favorite vendor, streetpops, wowed us with their cantaloupe mint and strawberry mint popsicles)

(above L: sweet peace bakery spreading peace and sweets)

(above L: coffee emporium smoothies “blended by you”; above R: the flying pig – pomegranate lime smoothie)

(above L: shadows play at shadeau bakery)

it was a beautiful day, we were glad to see so many people embracing the local event. this year, aside from the monthly theme, second sunday on main will also be featuring a lineup of local chefs, for food and wine tasting. these will be held at the falling wall condos on 1417 main street at 230pm. schedule is here.

hope to catch some of you at the next one on july 10!

Paint the Streets

once again, we’re taking a break from our weekend in chicago report! there’s just a lot going on over in our backyard and we’re overflowing with photos to share.

cheeks and i recently participated in artswave’s event, paint the streets. the organization posted a call-out to participants about a month or 2 before the event, and i eagerly signed both of us up! i could not let this pass by.

12th street, from main to central parkway, was our canvas. the artists: young, old and everyone in between. with brushes in hand, and a pan of yellow “cheerful” paint beside us, we filled in the spaces between chalk lines, traced out in advance . the event had started the day before and so the intersection of 12th and race was already open to traffic. i felt protective and felt like blocking it again when i saw the tire tracks messing up the paint job.

we were only there for a short time, but had fun nonetheless. it was great to see the community join forces for something like this. it’s not for a cause, but for something fun, and it was a great way to bring people together. we spied this guy in a cowboy hat with an ellen (degeneres) cutout by the registration tents, getting people to do the ellen dance with him. overall i think it was a successful event.

i’ve read mixed reviews (from the subject of the artwork to the degrading paint, just a day after all painting was done). i don’t want to get into a debate with anyone, but thought i’d share what i’ve read here.

what do you think?

OTR/Gateway Summer Celebration

the 2nd annual otr/gateway summer celebration was last saturday, may 22, and we decided to head down to vine street and join in!

there was live music …

food …

cafe de wheels

senor roy’s taco patrol

al pastor and grilled chicken tacosenzo’s otr limeade

enzo’s otrdojo gelato cart

taste of belgium

whirly girl coffeewhirly girl coffee

and arts & crafts!

senate patio open

gay garage sale

visionaries and voiceslavo drinks

we finished our part of the celebration with a couple of drinks at lavomatic cafe (lime ginger soda and a refreshing citrus drink with hibiscus syrup – read more about lavomatic in our previous post here).

so why do YOU love otr?